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Portfolio - The Power of HTML5

This project started as a learning activity. The objective was to attach all the technologies that I was learning on the moment and create the prototype for a Wiki Engine. While the thematic of the whole page goes around HTML5, the page doesn’t use any HTML5, instead is running totally certified XHTML 1.1 code.

The nice thing about this project is that the user could modify the articles on the page and store them on the server database, so it worked like a wiki where several users could login and make the content of the site better via collaboration.

The Power of HTML5 - Edit Feature Walkthrough

As stated XHTML 1.1 was used for the client side, CSS and JS for presentation. Most of the code uses jQuery and jQueryUI for some animations, interaction cues and navigation. Ajax was used to get information from the server to the web page on the client without refreshing. On the server side PHP was used and MySQL for the storing all the data.