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Portfolio - Photonics

This is a web site dedicated to inform the student community and the researchers around the world all the research that is done on the Photonics Research Lab in the Universidad Politecnica de Madrid, Spain. Therefore the first thing to be shown right away is that on the page, immediate access to the information of the latest publications. The rest of the information continues after that in precedence order, in this case the general research information and the contact, since a big deal of this kind of sites is to recruit people students for research project or search for partnership and sponsorship with third parties around the globe.

The website was planed first with some interviews with the member in charge of the online activities and a paper prototype and later a wireframe was produced from this talks. This was followed by a HTML wireframe, shown here:

Photonics. From Wireframe to Final Site

Prototypes followed an AGILE fashion as the site was designed. Not much was changed on the final design, except from some of the interactions. Final site featured some AJAX and a dynamic layout that changed to give focus to certain text content.